Criteria for On-line Lottery Applications

  1. Applicant must be:
    • Filipino Citizen
    • At least 21 years old

  2. Proposed Site must be:
    • With good human traffic; i.e., situated in commercial or busy intersection areas.
    • The area does not get flooded.
    • Must meet the following Distance Requirements as per PCSO Board Resolution No. 2473, Series 2009:


    Establishments / Structures Distance Restriction from the Proposed Lotto Outlet
    A. Existing Lotto Outlet/s  
    1. Minimum of 100 meters provided the existing lotto outlet/s has established a stable average monthly sales for the past six (6) months. 100 meters (minimum distance only)
    2. Site applications more than hundred meters away from existing lotto outlet/s with low average sales shall be subject to a thorough actual site evaluation to determine site's viability and effect on existing outlets.
    3. Site application maybe recommended to less than the minimum 100 meter distance requirement if the proposed outlet is inside an enclosed area like malls and shopping centers. The front booth should be facing inside and not outside the mall building so as not to affect other nearby lotto outlets.
    B. Churches  
    1. Established churches with permanent structures 100 meters
    • A regular church or place of worship of an established faith or religion where mass of worship services are held once a week for a substantial number of regular membership.
    2. Religious organizations with no permanent structures
    • Religious Coordinating Centers / Offices
    25 meters
    • Religious Ministries / Fellowships
    25 meters
    • If located within the same multi-storey (commercial) building but not on the same floor as the proposed outlet.
    No distance restriction
    C. Schools  
    1. Elementary Schools (Public / Private) 100 meters
    2. High Schools (Public / Private) 100 meters
    3. Colleges / Universities (Public / Private) 100 meters
    4. TESDA Accredited Schools 100 meters
    5. Day Care Centers, Preparatory Schools 25 meters
    6. Vocational / Computer Schools and Learning Centers  
    • If located within the same multi-storey (commercial) building but not on the same floor as the proposed outlet
    No distance restriction
    • If located on the same building as the proposed outlet
    25 meters
    7. Review / Training Centers 25 meters
    D. Pawnshops 5 meters

  3. Lotto Booth Requirements
    • Floor space of 8-9 meters of available business counter measuring at least 1.0m x 0.5m.
    • With at least one (1) telephone facility, preferably wireless or fixed landline, for hotline operation use. Such telephone (esp. landline) should be situated at no more than one (1) meter from the proposed terminal location.
    • For malls, superstores or shopping complexes, the lootery booth need to be enclosed provided there is security of operation after store hours. If enclosed (for security purposes) outlet must be facing the direction of human traffic / entry. Frontage must face the main hallway/corridor or to the direction of major traffic flow.
    • Preferably dry floor space with proper ventilation.

  4. Lotto Outlet Application Initial Requirement
    • Submit Letter of Intent
    • Sketch/Location Map of the proposed site showing location/s of existing outlet/s in the area.
    • Pictures/photos of the vicinity of the proposed outlet/site.