The PCSO’s community outreach programs involve the conduct of free medical ad dental missions in depressed areas within ad outside of Metro Manila. Under this program, the PCSO also gives to out patients free consultations and medicines. It undoubtedly is one of the most effective means of pursuing the agency’s commitment to the Filipino people is charity through free medical and dental services. Initially serving its officials and employees, referrals and walkins, the PCSO Charity Clinic’s services have now expanded to include depressed barangays in Metro Manila to as far as Sorsogon in the South and Isabela in the North.

The Out-Patient Clinic Department of the PCSO renders services from Monday to Friday to thousands of indigent patients at PCSO Medical Services Department, Radiotheraphy Building, Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon Ave., Quezon City. Said clinic offers the following services: free consultations from resident doctors and specialists, minor surgeries, ambulance conduction of patients and emergency care as well as referrals. It also undertakes community outreach projects in maternal and child health and primary health care.

Requests of this nature shall be submitted to either the Office of the Chairman or the Office of the General Manager and must be accompanied by the following requirements:

  1. Letter-request addressed to either the PCO Chairman or General Manager
  2. Project Proposal, to include the following Information-Rationale/Justification, Objectives, Area of Coverage with Estimated Number of Beneficiaries, Date of Implementation, Medical Team Composition (if Medical Mission is not to be conducted by the PCSO Charity Clinic), Budgetary Requirements, and List of Needed Medicines
  3. Price Quotation of Medicines Needed from at least three suppliers of medicines
  4. Additional Requirements for NGOs-SEC Registration Documents with Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, License to Operate or Accreditation from the appropriate regulating agency, and Set of Offices of the NGO/Beneficiary-organization.