How to Play Keno

Keno Lottery

What is Keno?

It is an online game of chance that was first introduced in the state of Nevada, U.S.A., in 1931. It was originally called "Horse Race Keno," and was derived from the ancient Chinese lottery system played by the early Chinese immigrants to California in the 1800's. But there was never a horse race keno. It was a strategy to make the illegal Chinese lottery legal. Eventually, the game was simply called Keno, and spread to the rest of America, Europe and Australia. Keno is widely played in France, the states of New York, Maryland, Oregon, Rhode Island, Georgia and Washington, among others in the United States; in Canada and in Australia.

How is it Played?

If you have been to casinos, you might have seen or actually played the roulette game. The keno is like playing the online roulette but with slight variations. There are 80 numbers to choose from, instead of 38; and there are more permutations.

How to Play Keno?

In each Keno draw, 20 numbers are drawn from the numbers 1 to 80. To win, your choosen numbers should match the numbers drawn. You can win big or small depending on how many numbers you choose and how much you play. Here's how.

In the Playslip:

Superlotto 6/49
  • Choose how many numbers you want to play (minimum 1, maximum 10). Mark your choice in the Spot Area.
  • Pick your lucky number(s). Mark them in the Selection Area.
  • Mark how much you want to play in the Amount Area. You can play a minimum of P10.
  • Give your PLAYSLIP to the Keno Attendant who will give you a ticket to confirm your selection.
  • Always check your printed ticket details carefully before the draw starts.

Some Tips and Tricks

Chase the Old Man

Monitor the numbers that come up the most often. You can then in turn play those numbers which came up most often in previous games!

Letting the Old Man Chase You

Instead of playing the numbers that have come up most often, you can play those numbers which have come up the least often.


This never fails to be included in your favorite numbers. You can play the numbers in the birth dates of your friends or family members.

Happy Face

You can creat an image of a happy face on the playslip as you mark your choosen numbers. But you can also create a house, a letter, and many more!

Keno Prize Payout

The table below shows the prizes for each P10.00 play you make subject to the game rules and regulations.

Keno Prize Chart

Important Notice

  • For your winnings, please refer to the Payout table available at all Online Keno Lottery Post Of Sales. (Refer to the game rules).
  • You can play up to P27,500 per playslip or 2,750 columns. One column is one P10-play. Your winnings are multiplied by the number of columns you play.
  • Where there are more than 10 winning columns for a match 10 in the 10-Spot Keno, P10 million will be divided by the number of winning columns. Where there are more than 10 winning columns for a Match 9 in the 9-Spot Keno, P4 million will be divided by the number of winning columns. Your share in the winning is proportional to the number of winning columns you play.
  • There is also a limit to the amount of total winnings per draw, which is P75 million. This is the maximum liability limit that is the theoretical computation equivalent to the maximum prize payout as mandated by PCSO Charter (R.A. 1169, as amended).

Who Can Become a Keno Agent?

Keno Agent

A Keno Agent is any person of Filipino citizenship and at least 21 years old or entity, which may be a corporation or a partnership, authorized by PCSO to solicit and accept stakes from the public, pay prizes, and conduct any other financial transactions in relation to Online Keno Lottery in accordance with rules and regulations.

How Does One Become a Keno Agent?

If you wish to run an Online Keno Lottery, and you meet the initial qualifications mentioned above, you may file an application with PCSO to become a Keno Agent. (Refer to List of Requirements and Site Criteria or call us for details)

How Does a Keno Agent Earn?

A Keno Agent earns 5% commission on gross sales.

Online Keno Contact Information

  • Marketing: (02) 740-094
  • Telefax: (02) 740-0665 (Erly Estrella)
  • Licensing: (02) 781-4077 (Michi de Ocampo & Jun Boquiren)

Download Keno Forms Here: