Chairman's Message

Chairman Margarita P. Juico
July 2010 to May 2014

My fellow PCSO employees, partner institutions, other stakeholders and our primary beneficiaries, welcome to the PCSO official website..

His Excellency President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III's marching orders to the members of his official family is loud and resoundingly clear - - the Filipino people are our bosses, serve them well and fail them not in the delivery of basic services.

As the newly appointed Chairman of the PCSO, I am honoured at the trust bestowed on me by the President; yet at the same time, I am humbled, because there can be no greater measure of humility than to have the opportunity to help the less fortunate and the marginalized sector of our society.

Raising funds to finance health programs, medical assistance and charities is a gargantuan task; the even bigger task however is the institution of procedures to ensure equitable distribution of, and judicious use of the said funds. We must never forget that we are accountable to the Filipino people.

Let this website be our communication highway to disseminate information and to update the general public of the milestones, programs and activities of the PCSO.

Maraming Salamat po at Nawa'y gabayan ninyo kami upang sabay sabay nating tahakin and matuwid na landas.