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Devolution of basic social welfare services including health services to the local government units has adversely affected access of the unfortunate and indigent population of the country especially in far-flang barangays to adequate medical interventions. It is common knowledge that the budget for medicines from the Department of Health has been so nil that even patients confined in big and established government hospitals like EAMC, Ospital ng Maynila have to buy expensive medicines required for their treatment. What is more depressing is the situation of poor patients confined in Provincial Hospitals. Since the devolution took effect, health services have suffered budgetary setback especially in the purchase of medicines to be provided for free to poor and indigent patients in the provinces.

It is in this context that financial support in the form of Endowment Fund for Charity Patients in the Provincial/City Hospitals was approved under Board Resolution No. 005 dated 05 January 1995.


General: To grant funds or financial support to hospitals and other health institutions thus making health/medical services accessible to indigent charity patients and facilitate better medical management.


  1. Provides patient with free access to medicines, drugs and other OR/laboratory medical supplies and orthopedic implant, blood and diagnostic procedures.
  2. Assists patient avail of immediate laboratory tests and other expensive medical procedures such as MRI, CT Scan, 2D Echo, etc., which are not readily available in the hospital.


The following shall be required from the requesting party.

  1. Letter request addressed to the PCSO Chairman or General Manager
  2. Project Proposal
    1. Rationale/Justification
    2. Objectives
    3. Program Plan of Implementation
    4. Budgetary Requirements
    5. Monitoring and Evaluation scheme
  3. Hospital/Agency Profile which includes the following:
    1. Vision/mission/goals, programs and services
    2. Authorized bed capacity
    3. Bed occupancy rate
    4. Alternate source of funding
    5. Case mix
    6. Staff complement preferably with Social Workers
    7. Budgetary allocation for operation (cost per patient per day)
    8. Statistical report
  4. DOH License to Operate
  5. Certification of availability of referral facilities
  6. Additional requirements for Private Hospitals/Health Institutions:
    1. SEC Registration with Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
    2. Profile of the agency (vision, mission, objectives, programs/services, Board of Directors/organizational chart, area of coverage and clientele group)
    3. Updated/Latest Price Quotation
    4. Financial Statement/Track Record for the past three (3) years

Note: Per Memorandum dated March 11, 2015 of OAGM Charity Sector.