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The 4 Digits (4D) Game was the first Digit game introduced in the Philippines. Since its launching on August 4, 1997, the 4D Game is played three times weekly, giving the players three times the chance of winning the first prize Minimum guaranteed Amount of 10-Thousand Pesos per-ten-peso-play. Each 4D tickets costs Php10.00 per combination.

To play this game, the player marks his chosen four (4) digits from 0-9 on the 4D play slip.

You can also play the different System plays:

Game Type Description Cost (Php)
Roll 1 The first digit which ranges from “0” to “9” is to be generated by the central system to complement the selected last 3 digits, thereby creating 10 sets of numbers. 100.00
Roll 2 Similar to Roll 1 except that the Central system is to generate the last digit ranging from “0” to “9” to complement the selected first 3 digits. 100.00
Perm or Rambol The online lottery central system generates all possible permutations of the selected numbers are being purchased. Below is the table on perm or rambol selection that you can play:
  • 4 different digits (24 combinations)
  • 2 different digits and 1 pair of the same digits (12 combinations)
  • 2 different pairs of the same digits (6 combinations)
  • 3 digits the same and 1 different (4combinations)
  • 240.00
  • 120.00
  • 60.00
  • 40.00

Advanced play up to six (6) consecutive draws is also available.

You win the 1st Prize if you get all four (4) drawn winning numbers in exact order which has a Minimum Guaranteed Amount (MGA) of Php 10,000.00. You also win prizes by getting the last two or last three of the winning numbers, in exact order.

Prize payout per Standard Play
1st Prize = (getting all Four numbers drawn in exact order) MGA of Php 10,000.00
2nd Prize = (getting last Three numbers drawn in exact order) MGA of Php 800.00
3rd Prize = (getting last Two numbers drawn in exact order) MGA of Php 100.00

The 4 Digits (4D) Game is a pari-mutuel game wherein the 1st prize pool is divided equally among the winners if there are more than one first prize winner. The 1st prize pool is not “snowballed”/carried over to the next draw. Whatever is the pool generated for the 1st Prize is equally divided among the number of 1st prize winners for that particular draw.

Schedule of draw days are MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, televised live over PTV4 at 9:00pm

Warning! Available only to players 18 years of age and above.

Where to Claim Prize

Prize Validate and Claim
Jackpot Prize PCSO Head Office,
More than Php5,000.00 to Php20,000.00 Any of the PCSO Branch Offices or at the PCSO Head Office,
Php5,000.00 and below Any authorized Lotto outlet or at the PCSO Branch Offices in your area